Do you provide transportation?

Being that our students attend a greatly varying schedule of classes – and live throughout the Greater Lakewood region – we are unable to provide transportation.

However, we will be glad to assist you in setting up a neighborhood carpool with other girls in your area who have similar schedules. Additionally, our funroom gives you the option of adjusting your daughter’s schedule so that it works with the schedules of siblings and/or neighbors, even if their classes are at different times.

How will my daughter know where to go when she arrives at Funtastic, and when she needs to switch classes?

On Registration Sunday – which takes place a week before classes begin - you will be given a detailed map of our premises, with the location of each class. You will also be able to walk around our premises and familiarize yourselves. 

In addition, upon arrival to our premises, our friendly Funtastic floaters will be there to guide her to her class. Each student gets her own badge, which lists her name and class schedule, which she must wear every Sunday. 

Can my 4th grade daughter go up a grade level so that she can be in the same class as her friend who is a 5th grader?

Funtastic classes are based on age and skill level in order for teachers to most effectively impart the skills to each group – and the curriculum is planned accordingly. Hence, it would be counterproductive for your daughter and all of the other girls in her class if she is placed in the class that is not most suitable for her age and skill level.

Do I need to commit for my daughter to take classes for a full semester?

Yes! A full semester commitment ensures that your daughter will be able to progress from level to level until she fully masters the skills she’s signed up for.

What happens if my daughter does not like the class she signed up for? Does she need to remain there until the end of the semester?

In the very rare event that a student is not happy in her class, we will work with parents to transfer her to another class, per her preference, if it is suitable for her age and skill level and is able to accommodate an additional student.