Meet our Teachers


Esty Blum

Gymnastics Director

Hi! My name is Esty Blum and coaching gymnastics is one of my greatest passions. I have professionally trained as a gymnastics instructor and received certification from USA Gymnastics. Teaching these skills to young girls is extremely fulfilling. You see firsthand how the girls have fun and gain an enormous amount of self-confidence with every new skill they master. Starting the first frum gymnastics program in Lakewood years ago with a beam, and some mats in a local basement, that planted the seeds for what Funtastic Talent School is today B”H! As large and diverse as Funtastic is today, gymnastics remains our flagship class. It gives me great joy to work closely together with our team of professional gymnastics instructors and watch each girl shine!

Martina K.


My name is Martina. I have been teaching dance since I was 16 years old and am currently majoring in dance at Georgian Court University. I’ve taught styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, modern and contemporary to preschoolers all the way up to seniors in high school. I’m always looking to further my education in dance by taking classes in the city and intensives from different companies. My goal as a teacher is to pass on my love and knowledge of dance to my students and have them eager to come back and learn each and every week!

Bailee Klein


Hello budding artists!  My name is Bailee Klein. I have always had a fantastic imagination and have been super creative since I was your age!  I took my first official art class when I was six.  There, I learned that anything is possible with a “can do” attitude. I have taught various art and ceramics classes in camps and extracurricular programs.  For the past two years I have taken my passion for art to a professional level by pursuing my MFA in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University. I love working with young talent and teaching fundamental skills to the next generation. I look forward to instructing beginner, intermediate and advanced art classes at Funtastic this season!

Tziporah Gross


Hi! My name is Tziporah Gross and art is my passion. I've always loved drawing and learning new techniques. I've earned college degrees in both Education and Studio Art. For the past 16 years I have taught art to students of all ages and I love every minute of it! In recent years I have also been teaching art to college students through Georgian Court University. It is so satisfying to see students smile and blossom with every skill they're taught!

Dassy Lansky

Creative Crafts

Hi! My name is Dassy Lansky. I love creative art and I took lessons in painting and crafting. I also directed the craft course in a Lakewood teen camp. Crafting and scrapbooking were always my favorite way to put art into practice because I enjoy their combination of skill and originality. I’m so excited to teach awesome techniques and create projects at Funtastic!

Debby Garfunkel

Drama Queens

Hi! My name is Debby Garfunkel. I grew up in Australia and beginning at a young age loved drama, comedy and writing. I moved to the US as a teenager to study scriptwriting and directing at UCLA. I have directed numerous high school productions and ran a drama school for girls. I really enjoy the thrill of bringing out the talent and confidence in my students. I so, so look forward to teaching drama to my "Funtastic" girls!

Ruchama Charloff

Vocal Training

Hi! My name is Ruchama Charloff. I’ve been trained by Malky Giniger in Brooklyn for five years and then had the privilege of teaching vocal skills in her program. Since moving to Lakewood, I have been giving private voice lessons to women and girls. Having the opportunity to teach voice and sing at Funtastic has been such an exciting and satisfying experience!

Elky Rosenbaum


HI! Music has been in my genes for generations. My favorite instrument is the guitar. Since being trained by Ahuva Eisenberg, I realized that sharing music with others is my passion. I have been teaching guitar for five years and love strumming with my classes at Funtastic!

Naomi Yoselovsky

Braids N’ Buns

My name is Naomi Yoselovsky. I’ve been “training” in hairstyling for as long as I can remember by my mother, the famous stylist Mrs. Sara Hirsch. I have been professionally giving haircuts, and styling hair for weddings and other occasions for almost ten years. I thoroughly enjoy teaching these skills to young girls, just as my mother did for me!