Class Options



Our flagship and most popular class has always been – and remains – gymnastics, for good reason!

Our gymnastics classes utilize the full gamut of professional gymnastics equipment, including a 30 ft AirTrak, TumbleTrak and much, much more – in our fully matted 5,000 square foot gym. Our coaches are all professional gymnasts with caring personalities who follow rigorous safety protocols.


From Beginner to Intermediate levels, this class is for the aspiring dancer. Your daughter will be motivated to perfect her technique and form, while dancing with poise and grace in our spacious mirrored studio. Ballet shoes and dance skirt required; tap shoes for grades 3rd and 4th.


Art classes are highly structured, skill based classes. Our wonderful, experienced teachers will be incorporating various mediums, such as charcoal, pastels, watercolor and acrylic paint.

$25 Supplies fee

Dance N’ Drums

Yes! An exhilarating combination of “Drums Alive,” Pound, Dancercise and Music & Movement.  This high energy class incorporates parachuting, dancing scarves, drumsticks, dance streamers and gym balls  to ensure that each dancer benefits from the many advantages that movement and coordination have to offer.

Vocal Training

Not just a singing class!

Students will gain the confidence they deserve, as they learn vocal techniques such as breathing properly, voice placement and strengthening. Karaoke incorporated into this class will add an upbeat musical vibe as well. Students will record their own CD in a professional studio.

Creative Crafts

Is your daughter obsessed with rhinestones, embellishments and anything glitzy and girly?

From scrapbooking and jewelry design to home décor, Creative Crafts is where the fun, happy mess is. Open ended projects using lots of textures, leave room for creativity, expression and exploration as well.

Food Art

Foodies will have a finger lickin’ good time using their artistic flair to bake and create edible delights while working with fondant, icing and frosting. Students will learn to create using various decorating tools and master techniques as well.

Sing N' Stum

This exciting music class is sure to delight the girl that loves to sing and learn the latest tunes. Accompanied by various musical tracks and instruments.


The funroom – open from 10:30 to 2:30 - is an exciting, supervised room where the girls do mini crafts, activities and games. Fresh hot pizza is served at the 11:30 to 2:30 hours. It is the perfect venue for “Funtasticers” to relax and chill before, between or after their classes. There is no additional charge for the funroom if your daughter is enrolled in two or more classes. You can choose for her to be in the funroom whichever hour works best with her schedule or carpool!

Kiddie Clubs

Under the tutelage of a warm, experienced Morah, Kiddie Clubs is there to give Nursery and Kindergarten age boys, and Nursery age girls, a fun Sunday as well! Sensory projects, movement activities, food art and more are in store for our mini Funtasticers every Sunday! Three hour minimum sign up required. Hot lunch and snacks are served. 

Teentastic Exclusive Classes

Lyrical Ballet

Is your daughter a motivated dancer? Does she see every open space as an opportunity to twirl and leap? This lyrical class incorporates basic ballet, which is an expressive and high energy form of dance.  Ballet shoes required.

Braids N’ Buns

This popular class is packed with practical hairstyling skills! Students will learn the necessary hairstyling techniques and tricks – curling, pinning, braiding, blowing, styling updos and more - in a hands-on manner. 

Ready? Get set! A $75 supplies fee (required) includes high quality professional mannequin, stand and basic hairstyling kit.


This semi-private class is perfect for the musically inclined student with a good ear for music. Get strumming to the chords in just a few short lessons. A $125 supply fee [required] includes guitar, case and pick.

Paint Party!

This class is for the artist that finds true joy in drawing, creating and painting beautiful artwork on canvas, through mediums such as acrylic and watercolor paint ($30 supply fee).